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4H Calgary Canada
4H Calgary Canada
4H Calgary Canada

The YYC Food Security Fund at the Place2Give Foundation, and Fresh Routes are teaming up to help Calgarians Dine with Dignity™. The core value of the YYC Food Security Fund is centred around empowering people struggling with food access to choose fresh, healthy, local options that are culturally appropriate and in line with their dietary needs. The mission is to create long-term food security for Calgary and surrounding communities by taking a local, integrated and dignity-based approach to addressing issues of equitable food access. The YYC Security Fund is a charitable initiative founded by Calgary-based philanthropist Zai Mamdani, rooted in the belief that there are better, more holistic ways of addressing food access in Calgary and surrounding communities. Using the venture philanthropy model, the fund works with local scholars, experts, charities and regional food producers and provides funding for pilot projects that take an integrated approach to addressing issues of food security.

Fresh Routes is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to ensure evervone has access to affordable, nutritious food, especially those who need it most. Operating on a dignified food model, Fresh Routes ensures the mobile markets are affordable at 24-46% below market value, convenient, culturally appropriate and no proof of income required to shop. Fresh Routes operates a fleet of vehicles as mobile markets including a retrofitted City Transit Bus. We help get food to the people, making a partnership with the YYC Food Security Fund a natural fit. www.freshroutes.ca

Your donation today keeps the Fresh Routes bus and trucks on the road, and allows theYYCFood Security Fund to ensure that families, seniors, and Indigenous communities can have dignified access to food.

This partnership is made possible by the Place2Give (P2G) Foundation as a Donor Advised Fund registered in Canada. P2G Foundation is a stepping stone into more formalized giving structures like private foundations, working with families and individuals, helping them achieve their philanthropic objectives and legacy plans.

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