UP is dedicated to “unlocking the potential” for the community by funding innovative, high-impact programs that empower people and families to thrive. We link individuals and companies who are inspired to give a ‘hand-up’ to vulnerable families in Calgary.

When we re-frame life’s challenges as something that can be overcome – not someone’s story or identity – we can break the cycle of trauma, mental health issues, additions and even poverty.


We are raising funds for Louise Dean Centre, a high school operated by the Calgary Board of Education in partnership with Catholic Family Service and Alberta Health Services. At one location, pregnant and parenting teens can access wrap-around services that take a holistic approach to support and empowerment. Louise Dean Centre offers a caring, non-judgmental environment that welcomes extended families and teen parent’s natural supports, such as friends and confidants.

“The school itself is super supportive. With all the one-to-one support, I’m getting the best grades I’ve ever had. I went from failing to getting 80s and 90s. But I wouldn’t be here today without the help I got from Catholic Family Service. … The nice part is I can bring my baby to the Parent-Child Learning Centre here while I finish school.” – Catherine F, student

Programs and services at Louise Dean include specialized childcare; counselling; financial assistance; building core life skills and parenting education; Health Babies Network; and Fathers Moving Forward, a program for young fathers who are parenting or expecting their first child. These supports help mitigate risk factors associated with teen pregnancy, nurture the development of healthy babies, and create successful educational paths for teen parents.

“It’s scary being a younger person with a child, but knowing you have support is truly amazing. I am trying to be a good father figure to Cat’s little girl. To see a little person accomplish things and growing is so amazing. Catholic Family Service offers programs for dads, too. I want to learn everything I can to be a good father.” – Jarret L, Fathers Moving Forward participant

Thank you for helping us support teen parents have access to the services they need to thrive.


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