4H Calgary Canada

Since the inception of the Na’amat Canada Calgary’s local School Supplies for Kids program in 1998, more than 22,000 children who have taken refuge in Calgary and Southern Alberta domestic violence and homeless shelters have received a new backpack filled with essential learning supplies. For a child staying at a shelter, this gift offers a bright spot during a dark and difficult time. Oftentimes, children escaping violence or homelessness not only change homes, but schools as well, leaving behind their friends, necessities and routines. We have been told the backpacks we provide makes the transition a little easier by giving these children and teens the basic necessities and enabling them to pursue their education with hope and dignity.

These young victims of domestic violence and homelessness have experienced great trauma, uncertainty and have very few school supplies and in most cases none. Again, this year our goal is to help as many children and youths as possible and we can only do this with your support.


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