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   You can save a child’s life today

Your contribution to Hope Air goes straight to work helping Alberta children and youth to get to the medical care they need far from home. Without your support patients would miss vital medical appointments, drive long distances or take on unmanageable debt to get there.

Layoffs and work shortages have been widespread throughout the COVID-19 crisis. As a result many more families struggle to get to treatment due to financial hardship.

Hope Air has been chosen as one of Canada’s best 100 charities by Maclean’s magazine, MoneySense magazine and Charity Intelligence based on efficiency, transparency and need.

Mission: To provide Canadians in financial need with free travel to medical care far from home.

Vision: That everyone in Canada has access to the healthcare they need, despite distance or cost of travel. 

For more information about Hope Air visit: https://hopeair.ca/


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