4H Calgary Canada

Our mission is to become Canada’s leader in wildlife conservation.

At the Calgary Zoo, we believe in a brighter future – a future where people live and prosper in harmony with nature. Inspiring and educating the next generation of conservation heroes is key to continuing the work that will make a significant, meaningful and positive impact.

Our hands-on, multi-faceted, interactive learning sparks children’s imagination and unlocks creativity. It promotes citizenship, leadership and empowers young adults to find their constructive voice and make a difference in their school and community.
Your gift will allow an underserved school in Calgary the opportunity to participate in Conservation Champions Action Pack Program.
Students and teachers involved in this program have committed to spend an entire year on a conservation education field study with the zoo. This program includes:

  • Two days at the zoo (Fall and Spring classes) engaged in conservation training (may be virtual- dependent on AHS/COVID restrictions)
  • One virtual safari with our distance learning program
  • Creation of a conservation project based on the interest of the students
  • Opportunity to share their project with the community at the annual Conservation Champions Festival
    Our programs not only teach young people the importance of animal conservation but also create leaders as they incorporate community conservation initiatives into their school and communities.



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