The Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre is a not for profit organization rooted in the

protection and recovery of today's most innocent and vulnerable our children.

The Centre is comprised of a collective that is driven by the courage to support children,

youth, and their families affected by abuse, enabling them to build enduring strength

and overcome adversity.


We work in a collaborative partnership with the Central Region Children's Services,

Alberta Health Services, Alberta Justice, Alberta Education,

the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre and the RCMP.

Together we harness our collective courage to provide children with supported recovery.

It takes courage and bravery for a child to share their story of abuse,

for families to bring their children forward, to believe,

to listen without judgement, and to seek justice.

Supporting the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre today is an investment in the

promise and possibility of a healthy future for our children and our community.


Our Vision

Empowering children and families impacted by abuse to lead healthy and fulfilling lives

by building a community that collectively battles child abuse.


Our Mission

To work in an integrated, trauma informed environment to

treat abused children, youth, and their families, support their recovery

and seek to stop the cycle of abuse.


Text KIDS059 to 30333 to donate $10. 
Shaw Communications will match every text donation made on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to a total of $150,000. 

Online donations can also be made below


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