Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton (BGCBigs) is an organization committed to the healthy development of children, youth, and their families. BGCBigs provides mentoring, clubs, and youth employment services for at-risk children and youth aged 6-24 years old who live in Edmonton (www.bgcbigs.ca/programs-for-kids) Our programming and services give children and youth access to safe places, positive relationships (e.g., adult-child relationships, peer relationships), and opportunities to identify and develop their personal strengths and interpersonal skill, to enhance their long-term success in life. The organization also works in partnership with other community organizations to develop and deliver programs geared to specific populations, such as the immigrant and refugee community, the Indigenous community, and other vulnerable groups (e.g. LGBTQ2A+ youth).


Mentoring has been shown to be an important component of wraparound community services to support a child's success in school. Mentoring is defined the relationship between a caring more experienced or wiser volunteer (e.g. adult or older teen) and a child or younger youth. Through participation in educational, recreation and social activities with a volunteer mentor, a mentoring relationship provides a child with support, friendship, guidance, and a constructive role model.

Youth Employment

BGCBigs Youth Employment program focuses on serving youth from diverse backgrounds and we worked to remove barriers that existed for many of them on a path to job readiness and employment. Our goal is to provide clarity and information on how to obtain a first job and build some foundational skills in their early teen years. We engage in activities involving 1:1 career mentoring matches, job-readiness group programs with school and volunteer support, and a collection of events and activities with businesses, employers and community partners.


BGCBigs Club programs offer site-based after-school program options in neighborhood club sites and schools. These programs offer safety, positive youth development activities and academic enrichment to support positive self-image and self-confidence, improved academic performance, and engagement in learning. We operate nineteen (19) afterschool club programming sites. These sites are spread throughout Edmonton in communities faced with poverty and crime, many are located in low income housing developments, neighborhoods also often have high immigrant populations. Summer programming is offered by BGCBigs in partnership with many organizations to support the delivery of summer program activities that engage refugee and immigrant children and youth. The programs link children and youth with mentors of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and interests. Activities strengthen their physical and mental well-being, minimize learning loss over summer months and improve their ability to achieve success in school.


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