Mission Statement

Imagine being able to transform someone’s life with the gift of independence and safety. This is what a professionally trained Autism Support Dog can do for a child with moderate to profound autism.  One Autism Support Dog will not change the world. For the child with autism, though, one Autism Support Dog changes their world in a significant and life-changing way and can provide support for up to eight years, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So, one dog will not change the world, but for that one child with autism and their family their world is forever changed. Alberta Guide Dogs, a division of British Columbia Guide Dog Services, provides Guide Dogs for individuals who are blind or visually impaired as well as Autism Support Dogs for children (aged 3 - 10) with moderate to profound autism and their families.  It costs up to $35,000 and two years to breed, raise and train each dog and fundraising dollars cover all expenses involved so that each dog is given to the recipient free of charge.

Official mission: BC & Alberta Guide Dogs is a registered charity. Our mission is to meet the growing demand for professionally trained Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs for citizens of British Columbia and Alberta, at all times meeting or exceeding international standards as established by the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.


Alberta Guide Dogs
Trish Lund


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