4H Calgary Canada

McMan Calgary & Area has been serving our community and providing life-changing services to our most vulnerable community members for over 40 years.

Our team works directly with nearly 2,000 vulnerable children, youth, and families every year. Our clients have complex needs that can include mental health issues, addiction, homelessness, poverty, and disability. McMan’s support framework is focused on helping people build and maintain strong connections with family, friends, and their community, while providing them with the skills and resources to make positive long-lasting changes in their lives. We understand that a person is more than their adversity, and that with the proper supports and connections in place, every person can thrive.

We can’t deny that people need people. When our community members have supportive connections and the tools to change their lives for the better, they feel that they truly belong and are capable of great things. At McMan, we help our most vulnerable community members build these connections and give them the tools they need to succeed. With your support, we can continue to serve our growing community, giving everyone the opportunity to thrive!

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