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Diabetes Canada is the nation’s most trusted provider of diabetes education, research, resources, and services. We’ve helped millions of Canadians affected by diabetes understand it, manage it, and combat complications since 1953.

Our vision is a world free of the effects of diabetes to do this we are leading the fight against diabetes by working tirelessly to advocate for and support Canadians living with diabetes with helpful resources, education, research, and more.

Give a child with type 1 diabetes a summer they will never forget!

T1D is an isolating disease. In Canada, there are about 1 – 2 children living with T1D per school. Managing type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a 24/7 balancing act of multiple daily injections/insulin pumps, constant testing of blood sugars and counting carbohydrates. T1D is an unrelenting disease and once diagnosed, families never have a day off which is why Camp Jean Nelson is so important

Diabetes Canada D-Camps is the only national, medically supervised, 24/7 care, camp program where children, youth, and families with T1D get to spend time with others who have “walked a mile in their shoes.”

Through a variety of experiential, skill-based and community building activities, D-Camps helps to:

  • Build self-esteem, resiliency and support mental health
  • Foster lasting friendships and a sense of community
  • Build independent, diabetes self-management skills
  • Provide a safe, fun and educational camp experience
  • Provide respite for the T1D families/caregivers

Campers not only have fun and make lasting friendships; they gain self-confidence, independence and the skills to effectively manage their diabetes. 

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