Calgary Family Peer Connections & ECSSEN

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A diverse and inclusive Canadian society where immigrant newcomer and socially disadvantaged are supported and fully integrated into the mainstream.


ECSSEN Career School strives to support immigrant newcomers and socially disadvantaged to become productive members of society by providing career development opportunities, social service programs and other community-based support.


Accountability – We are accountable to all stakeholders in honestly and prudently utilizing financial, human and property resources to advance our strategic purpose and mission.

Compassion – We are compassionate about serving immigrant newcomers and socially disadvantaged to help them flourish and become fully engaged members of a diverse and inclusive society.

Collaboration – We value collaboration and team work both internally and externally so that everyone has input in how we accomplish our work.

Diversity – We respect and embrace individual differences and strive to capitalize on our diversity in delivering our programs and services


Calgary Family Peer Connections 


Shredding the Mental Health Stigma.


CFPC bridges the gap connecting vulnerable clients to proper mental health agencies while providing food, life skills support, and connectivity. Focusing on providing access to confidential and culturally competent services to clients in Willow Creek and surrounding rural communities to reduce long-term adverse mental health effects they may experience from COVID-19. It provides an all-encompassing approach to mental and physical wellness by creating positive relationships and life skill education, including frugality, competence, and community unity to children and youth 0-21 years of age and their family and extended family where applicable.

With the communities we serve in mind, we practice these values:

  • Practicing compassion and inclusion through culturally competent and anti-oppressive services.
  • Focusing on quality and collaboration to grow ourselves and others.
  • Providing safe, confidential, and  judgement-free person-centered care


At CFPC, we are a safe, inclusive, and fair organization. We value the relationships we have created and commit to building respectful relationships with all people and all living entities on the earth as we advocate for change. We will continue to challenge oppression in all forms and continue supporting all youth and their families regardless of history, culture, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, body image, age or other barriers. We transform human relations and remove structural power with a holistic approach. Every individual has the inherent right to search for and receive recovery and encourage a healthy and productive life. We advocate for the support needed individually, as a family or a community member in a positive or cohesive environment to have their voices heard.

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