Alberta Diabetes Foundation

The Alberta Diabetes Foundation exists because we are not afraid to take risks. Canadians have always been innovators in diabetes research starting with the discovery of insulin. The next big breakthrough happened in Alberta because our Foundation funded the first successful islet transplant when others refused to do so. We continue to fund life changing research in Alberta to find a cure for diabetes.


The Alberta Diabetes Foundation rapidly and strategically funds cutting edge diabetes research in Alberta, for the world. 

Research leading to advancements in treatment will help families coping with diabetes to lead easier, more enjoyable lives and to avoid the common degenerative side effects of diabetes. It will help kids with diabetes to stay active, to be able to do what other kids do.  Some of the researchers we work closely with are getting very close to finding a cure and it is our hope and belief that with the help of generous donors, we will get to a world without diabetes.

Anyone can get diabetes in his or her lifetime. In fact, almost 9 million Canadians live with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease in which either the body is unable to produce insulin to regulate blood sugar levels or the body becomes resistant to insulin.


  • Diabetes causes more deaths per year than breast cancer and AIDS combined
  • More than 60% of lower limb amputations occur in people with diabetes
  • Two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke



The Alberta Diabetes Foundation works in tandem with the world class Alberta Diabetes Institute to allocate funding where and when it is needed most. This ensures important diabetes research and projects are not stalled. We are able to fund projects, even at an early stage, and therefore fill the gaps left by traditional granting organizations. In doing this, the Foundation is better able to meet the needs of the diabetes research community. We are building a legacy of diabetes research excellence in Alberta.

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