2018 Charity Ball Drop

Introduced at the 2016 Shaw Charity Classic, the Charity Ball Drop instantly became a fan favourite! Tickets for the ball drop will be sold Friday through Sunday on tournament grounds by roaming charity ambassadors. After play each day Friday to Sunday at 3:00 p.m., a Shaw Tech Truck will drop the balls onto the main putting green near the 18th hole. Each ticket sold has a corresponding numbered ball used to indicate the winner. The first place prize will be awarded to the ticket holder with the closest ball to the pin. The closest three balls are each awarded prizes.

The proceeds raised from the Charity Ball Drop tickets will be donated to the Birdies for Kids matching pool!

2018 Prizes, Friday - Sunday

1st Prize

Two round trip flights anywhere WestJet flies in Canada & Continental USA

Value: $2,550

2nd Prize

64GB Iphone X

6 months of service on Freedom's Big Gig + Talk 10GB plan!

Value: $1,609

3rd Prize

$500 Gift Package from Birdie Box

Value $500

Friday Winning Numbers:

1st Prize - 7

2nd Prize - 438

3rd Prize - 19

Saturday Winning Numbers:

1st Prize - 225

2nd Prize - 297

3rd Prize - 189

Sunday Winning Numbers:

1st Prize - 99

2nd Prize - 169

3rd Prize - 361