4H Calgary Canada

Calgary Homeless Foundation serves as the centralized planner for 27 homeless-serving agencies in Calgary. As an accountable steward of government and private funding, we find innovative and evidence-based solutions for Albertans at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Through system coordination, research and data, accountability and responsible funding allocation, we address gaps and define best practices, and have housed over 10,000 people in Calgary since 2008. Our collaborative model involves partnerships with all orders of government, public systems, homeless-serving agencies, the private sector, faith-based communities, foundations, and Calgarians. Grounded in fiscal responsibility, our solution-focused, one-of-a-kind approach ensures that Calgary’s resources are allocated in a cost-effective manner to provide a full spectrum of services, solutions, and permanent housing for all Calgarians.  


For more information, visit www.calgaryhomeless.com   

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